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R54565 Rocket Pleural Vent - Ambulatory Pneumothorax device

Rocket® Pleural Vent™ - Ambulatory Pneumothorax Device
For the treatment of spontaneous, iatrogenic or traumatic simple pneumothorax whilst allowing full patient mobility during treatment

8FG Rocket® Pleural Vent™ with safety insertion needle and integral adhesive dressing, port cap,  aspiration/suction line, No 11 safety scalpel, disposable razor, surgical gown, 21g x 1.5” green safety needle x 2, 25g x 5/8” orange safety needle, gallipot, sponge stick x 2, syringes x 10ml, 20ml.

Carton: 5 sets

Patient Information Booklet: pdf

Poster: pdf

Please note: The procedure pack components can change and the animation is a representation.  Please see our IFU for full components list.

Sku: R54565
Rocket Pleural Vent :

Product Omschrijving


Rocket Pleural Vent Ambulatory Pneumothorax Device

For the treatment of spontaneous, iatrogenic or traumatic simple pneumothorax, whilst allowing full patient mobility during treatment

The system is indicated for the percutaneous introduction of a catheter into the chest for the drainage of fluid and features:

  • 8Fg CATHETER MOUNTED ON 18G NEEDLE: to give the best combination of drainage with superior insertion characteristics requiring less force.
  • PIGTAIL CATHETER: to minimise the risk of occlusion after insertion.
  • MOUNTED ASPIRATION SYRINGE: provides the classic and reliable indication of correct needle tip during insertion.
  • SELF CONTAINED ONE WAY VALVE AND VENT: Prevents air and fluid from returning to the pleural space, whilst allowing air to escape the unit, but keeping fluid contained ready for safe drainage.
  • INDICATION DIAPHRAGM: The blue signal diaphragm deflects upwards when the catheter tip enters the pleural space. It then continues to fluctuate with respiration as the intra-pleural pressure varies from > +2mm Hg to <-2mm Hg. When the signal diaphragm stays in the down position and the patient is asymptomatic the pneumothorax may be resolved.
  • HYDROCOLLOID FIXATION DEVICE: Reduces risk of accidental displacement of catheter. Safe anchoring and protection of catheter for up to one week. Reduces catheter movement and consequent enlargement of puncture site Enables the patient to shower with catheter inserted. Prevents contamination of puncture site from environment
    • POSITIVE PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE: to allow drainage of pneumothorax if one way valve and vent become compromised.
    • NEEDLELESS PORT: To allow drainage of collected fluid.
    • CE MARKED, PURPOSE DESIGNED DEVICE: designed specifically for purpose.


Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Order code R54565
length_cm 10.5
diameter-fg 8
insertion_type needle
needle_gauge 18
Radiopaque Ja
sterile Ja
latex_free Ja
sharps_safe Ja
Units per carton 5
nhs_sc_code N/A
CH2_code 2176712
usl 854565
Country of Manufacture Verenigd Koninkrijk