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R57405 Rocket KCH Fetal Bladder Catheter

R57405 Rocket KCH Fetal Bladder Catheter

Carton: 1 x Rocket® KCH™ Fetal Bladder Drain Set
with 0.035” x 80cm PTFE guidewire, sterile for single use

Datasheet: pdf

Sku: R57405

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

Product Omschrijving


Rocket KCH Fetal Bladder Catheter

The Rocket® KCH™ Catheter is intended for use in fetal urinary tract decompression following diagnosis of fetal obstructive uropathy in foetuses of 18-38 weeks gestation.

TWIN PIGTAIL catheter with 6 holes for reliable drainage and metal tip markers for easier post insertion position monitoring.

MRI COMPATIBLE: The catheter and marker rings are compatible with MR Imaging for simplified post insertion monitoring.

PTFE GUIDEWIRE supplied to ease loading of pigtail catcher into introducer and minimises the risk of kinks

REUSABLE INTRODUCER SET for secure, insertion and reliable placement.

Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Order code R57405
length_cm 12
diameter_mm 2
sterile Ja
latex_free Ja
sharps_safe Nee
Units per carton 1
GTIN 05055270913678
nhs_sc_code N/A
CH2_code 1969187
usl 857405
Country of Manufacture Verenigd Koninkrijk
video Nee