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R58800-06-BK Rocket BLUE Needle Drain 6Fg x 20cm Ward Procedure Pack

R58800-06-BK Rocket® BLUE™ Multipurpose Needle Drainage Ward Procedure Packs offer a purpose designed, cost-effective solution for routine fluid drainage procedures in the department or ward settings with the additional ease of a complete pack to save time and cost.

For the drainage of body fluids including ascites, urine and pleural fluid. For insertion into the abdominal cavity, chest and urinary bladder using a ‘direct stab’ technique combined with aspiration and/or ultrasound guidance. 

6FG needle drain x 20cm with trocar needle, 30cm drain bag connection set + 2 way tap, 2000ml drainage bag with empty port, 20ml, 12ml syringes, luer lock, 21g x 1.5" needle, 25g x 5/8" needle, 5in Sharp/Blunt Scissors, 60ml gallipot, Pair polyco gloves, medium, Gauze swabs x 5, Retractable safety scalpel No.11, 11x15cm ‘Mepore’ dressing, 50x60m adhesive fenestrated drape, Instructions for Use. Sterile, for single use.  

Carton: 5 ward procedure packs.

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Sku: R58800-06-BK

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R58800-06-BK Rocket BLUE Needle Drain 6Fg x 20cm Ward Procedure Trays feature:
  • CE MARKED, PURPOSE DESIGNED DEVICE, designed specifically for paracentesis and drainage of abdominal ascites, urinary bladder and other drainage applications which avoids the risks of inappropriate use of  non-specific devices such as generic suprapubic drains.
  • SOFT, KINK FREE 6FG catheter material, improves patient comfort and prevents unnecessary catheter blockage caused by thin walled materials.
  • 1CM CATHETER MARKINGS to aid safer, controlled insertion.
  • SOFT INTEGRAL STITCH PLATE combined with flexible tube support, provides simple, secure fixation after insertion.
  • REMOVABLE NEEDLE CAP permits aspiration to aid correct placement during insertion.
  • DRAINAGE BAG CONNECTION SET included to  make insertion and connection to a wide range of drainage options quick and secure.
  • SAFETY SCAPEL INCLUDED to improve ease of insertion and maintain user safety in accordance with the guidance of COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2010-32-EU Needlestick Injuries.

Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Order code R58800-06-BK
length_cm 20
diameter-fg 6
insertion_type needle
needle_gauge 18
Radiopaque Ja
sterile Ja
latex_free Ja
sharps_safe Ja
Units per carton 5
nhs_sc_code N/A
CH2_code Nee
usl Nee
Country of Manufacture Verenigd Koninkrijk