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R58800-84-30 Rocket Ascitex Multipurpose Drainage Set - 8.4Fg x 30cm x 6 holes

R58800-84-30  Rocket Ascitex Multipurpose Drainage Set - 8.4Fg x 30cm x 6 holes, locking pigtail, 0.035" guidewire

The Rocket Ascitex™ Multipurpose Drainage Procedure Tray contains all the items necessary to safely and conveniently complete the procedure in the department or ward, using the long established Seldinger insertion technique.

Cartons: 1 procedure tray


Sku: R58800-84-30

Product Omschrijving


Rocket Ascitex™ Multipurpose Drainage Procedure Tray:

  • MULTIPURPOSE DRAIN with soft, kink resistant catheter material, improves patient comfort and prevents unnecessary catheter replacement caused by harder materials.

  • NITINOL GUIDEWIRE with soft, non-traumatic platinum tip to ensure safe delivery of the catheter into the abdominal cavity or organ.

  • SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM to give reliable pigtail locking without cumbersome ‘keys’ or bulky hubs. Self-adhesive removal instructions (for addition to the patient’s notes) are provided with every locking drain.

  • SELF ADHESIVE DRAIN FIXATION is included in every kit to ensure comfort and extra security for the drain.

  • COMPLETE PROCEDURE TRAY including syringes, needles, drapes, swabs and ascites drainage bag with tap

Suitable for:

  • Abdominal paracentesis

  • Pneumothorax, spontaneous or iatrogenic.

  • Effusions, benign or malignan.

  • Low viscosity empyema.

  • Nephrostomy

Contents: 8.4FG locking pigtail catheter, 6 holes x 30cm, 20ml, 12ml syringes, luer lock, 21g x 1.5" needle x 2, 25g x 5/8" needle, safety scalpel No.11, 18G x 7cm Seldinger Needle, Nitinol guidewire 0.035” x 80cm x 6cm soft tip, 9fr x 8in dilator, 30cm drain bag connection set + 2 way tap, 2000ml drainage bag with drain port, 60ml gallipot,  10cm2 x-ray detectable gauze swabs x 5, Drain Guard Fixation Device,  50x60m adhesive fenestrated drape, 100 x 100cm sterile field wrap, locking pigtail insertion and removal instructions. Sterile, for single use, supplied individually

Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Order code R58800-84-30
insertion_type wire
length_cm 30
diameter-fg 8.4
needle_gauge 18
echogenic Nee
Radiopaque Ja
sharps_safe Nee
latex_free Ja
sterile Ja
Units per carton 1
nhs_sc_code FSW570
CH2_code Nee
usl Nee
Country of Manufacture Verenigd Koninkrijk
video Nee